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Yes, The internet is ON

Hope this free tool was helpful in the troubleshooting of your most probably very shitty internet connection.

Now get back to procrastinating.


2017-09-11 - Even Better Hosting

Today I moved the site from a folder of html/php files, hosted on lighttpd w/fastcgi, running on an Amazon Linux AMI, on an EC2 Instance (t2.micro)

to a set of a html/php files on a mounted docker volume, attached to a docker container built to run the latest lighttpd w/ fastcgi, that was sourced

from an official Centos 7 minimal image, reverse proxied by NGINX, that is still running on an Amazon Linux AMI that is now now hosted on AWS Lightsail.

The main reason for this move is reduced cost, a couple of months ago I had to stand up a second t2.micro AWS instance to load a development WSGI Python

Django host onto, this effectively doubled my monthly AWS cost from $14 (plus RDS and DNS) to around $28AUD

t2.micro hosts have 1vCPU, 1GB RAM and EBS SSD Storage with paid uploads, $20/month Lightsail hosts have 1vCPU, 2GB RAM and 40GB SSDs with 1.5TB incl Uploads

By combining both my EC2 hosts into a single larger docerized host I could have around $8 per month plus reduce the need to switch between hosts.

2014-06-07 - Update on Hosting is now AWS hosted inside a free ec2 instance, hell even the DNS is now being done by AWS Route 53(get it?)

Want proof dig and then dig -x the server IP or just "dig soa"

2013-12-03 - Updates

So One Year In, yes this site had its humble beginning at 11:30PM AEST on the 1st of December 2012

and hasn't it been an eventful wait this is the laziest website i've ever done.

Some Stats: 8759 Page View across 2032 Visits from 820 Unique Visitors

2012-01-01 23:30 AEST - Welcome

This site was created out of angst towards shitted Australian ADSL2+ (Not even) Speeds

and the notorious dropouts that we are continuously being victim too. Plus as a pet project

to investigate AWS, understand EC2 and VPC, plus understand how to run a website basic static html web server.